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Staffing Talent in Malaysia

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Few are able to place the country on a global map, but Malaysia is a land of great biodiversity - not just in its ancient tropical rainforests, but in the people who live there as well. A melting pot of cultures rise to greet the intrepid newcomer. But better still, behind the calm façade of concrete jungles dotted with swaying palm trees and robust coconut trees lies a country keen on progress and hungry for growth.

Due to this, Malaysia has claimed the top spot beating out all other Asian countries as a choice for staffing market, according to a report released by Staffing Industry Analysts in March earlier this year. The report analyses staffing markets from a total of 60 countries worldwide.

For the third year in a row, Malaysia has been the top Asian country that is found to be the most attractive staffing market. Fellow Asian choices that followed Malaysia were China and Japan.

Globally, Malaysia placed fourth, tying with Finland. The top overall choice was Ireland, then Sweden and finally Denmark.

The top choices in the report were decided based on individual factors that may be of benefit to international companies wishing to expand, as well as strong growth prospects with long-term benefits.

Language seems to be one of Malaysia's strongest points, being a country where at least four languages are widely and readily spoken at native levels of fluency: Malay (the national language), English, Mandarin, and Tamil. Other Chinese and South Asian languages are also spoken here as there are sizeable Chinese and South Asian communities, which comprise two of the three major ethnic groups in Malaysia.

Malaysia also operates as a regional hub, a throwback to their British colonial past, as the country had multiple ports due to its strategic location along the Strait of Malacca, an important trade route from centuries long gone until now.

A charmingly wild country of extremities, where old colonial style buildings share space with skyscrapers and Asian style buildings, Malaysia is not just a special place to visit, but also a distinctly advantageous country to outsource to due to its unique characteristics.

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