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5 services to outsource when scaling your small business

Outsourcing is an effective way to minimise time and costs spent on business operations while you are scaling your business and setting it up for future growth.

Here are 5 services you should definitely outsource as a scaling small business owner.

1. Administration

Although a very important part of business operations, administrative tasks are repetitive and time consuming.

If you are currently handling these tasks on your own, outsourcing them to an external party can free up a chunk of your time.

Consider hiring a qualified virtual assistant to handle the administrative side of the business while you focus on the bigger picture.

2. Information technology (IT)

Outsourcing your IT functions to a team of experts responsible for setting up and maintaining state of the art technology systems can help accommodate the changes of your fast-growing business.

For example, businesses commonly outsource their data storage as it is usually cheaper and more efficient than purchasing their own storage and hiring an employee to ensure that it runs smoothly.

3. Accounting

Bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns are often quite complex to handle on your own, and unfortunately the taxation office can be relentless with their penalties.

As a budding business owner, hiring an in-house accountant may be too expensive - compared to the cheaper option of outsourcing accounting services.

This is a common dilemma among entrepreneurs and business owners and because of this, accounting services are one of the most outsourced by small businesses.

By handing the tasks over to an outsourced accountant or using a trusted payroll software, you won’t have to worry about the taxation office knocking on your door.

4. Marketing

The rise of social media and ecommerce has made marketing and advertising crucial to the success of a business.

For small businesses, it is not always financially viable to have a full-time employee assigned to social media marketing, designing and strategising. However, it is even less efficient to split the marketing tasks among the existing team.

It is a lot more sensible to outsource your marketing strategy to an external party of professionals as you would not need to train them like you would a new employee, and you would have full access to their expertise in the field.

5. Client support

For a small business, ensuring your clients are happy and satisfied with your products or services should be your number one priority.

However, as your client base continues to grow with the expansion of your business, you are bound to reach a point where you and your team are swamped with emails and calls.

You could consider outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant or contact centre to allow your team to focus on their primary tasks.

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