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5 benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are highly versatile and can be hired to do repetitive, mundane tasks or even highly technical or professional work.

Many businesses are transitioning to the use of virtual assistants and have found them to be extremely effective for various reasons.

1. Freeing up more time for yourself

When you’re running your own business, not only do you need to ensure the operations run smoothly, but you also need to make plans for the growth of your company.

This can be a difficult task in the midst of ensuring the bills are paid, emails are answered, and the website is up and running.

By outsourcing certain tasks to a virtual assistant, you would have a lot more time to focus on the big picture items that only you can do.

2. Little to no overhead costs

Virtual assistants usually operate from home or their own personal workspace, so you won’t need to provide them with a physical desk or office to get the work done.

This means you can save on overhead costs such as internet, electricity, and rent, which will eventually add up.

Virtual assistants are also considered to be independent contractors, which means that you won’t have to pay for their insurance, annual leave, sick days, or other employee benefits.

3. Increased productivity

Virtual assistants will not need to commute to work nor have long breaks for a chat at the water cooler. They will simply track their own work and note the breaks that they take in between so you will only be paying them for the time they spend doing the work they were hired to do.

You can hire a virtual assistant to handle specific tasks or larger projects, be it for a few hours or a few months. Either way, you will be hiring a skilled worker while only paying them for the work that they do.

4. Flexible work periods

All businesses have peak periods and slower periods.

Sometimes business owners find themselves hiring people during the busier times, only to find the need to let them go when things slow down.

A virtual assistant will allow you to hire someone for a fixed period, or until a particular project is over. If you like their work, you can hire them again for a future project.

5. Trial period for your future employee

Finding an employee that you like can be an arduous task. You would need to make the decision to hire them permanently based on their resume and a single interview.

However, hiring someone for a temporary period would give you the time to gauge whether or not you like the work that they do and whether they would be a good fit in your company for the long term.

If you found that they possessed the motivation, skills and potential to add to your business, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to hire them as a permanent addition to your team?

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