DIY Setup Services

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In these days of cloud software tools and lean startup methodologies, DIY market research is making an impact on more and more functions and use cases.

They can arm themselves with DIY market research software tools – online surveys and audience panels, Web site feedback mechanisms, SEO analysis suites, social listening platforms, and others – and listen to real consumers, prospects, customers or employees.
Without having to wait for an agency presentation, they then bring home the prey: the much sought-after actionable insights that can power their strategies and drive growth and innovation in their organization. Yes, it is a whole new world out there. Any of the services which we provide can be performed for you a la carte, whether you are an individual business owner putting together a new website, or a company that just wants a specific task handled for them. If you are either a business owner building your website and/or setting up and running your internet marketing campaigns, or you are an employee assigned the task by your company, then you are part of the DIY (Do It Yourself) community. "DIY-ers" generally fit into one of four categories:

Employees or business owners who have tasks to do and either do not enough time to do them all by themselves or would someone to help with the "heavy lifting." Experienced computer users, graphic artists, or web designers who know the "nuts and bolts," but want help in deciding what to do with it. Business owners or employees who are very good at advertising and marketing, but want guidance in "how-to" use their expertise in the world of internet marketing… and they want it from someone who is not trying to sell them their product or service.

Someone on a shoestring budget who is going to take advantage of one of the many free tools, but doesn't know where to begin, especially since many of the how-to instructions on the internet read as if they were written by computer guys taking to computer guys. Services that fall under the DIY umbrella include specific services and consultations. Consultations are the opportunity for you to pick the brain of an internet marketing professional and ask the questions to which you are having difficulty finding the answers.

You can ask your consultant for a wide range
of services, such as:

  • Proofreading
  • Visual and artwork suggestions
  • Build a keyword strategy (4 hours minimum)
  • How to blog
  • Connecting social media to the website
  • How to use Ad Words (2 hours minimum)
  • Simple copywriting, or help with copywriting (more involved copywriting requires a quote from the company).
  • "Show me how to…"
…and too many to list on this page.

How we come in.

Samurai Force Outsourcing Services (SFOS) is setting up an offshore team for other companies for these services. We have supported businesses with accounting, bookkeeping, finance, online marketing, investments, and offshore teams. We have teams of staff in Malaysia ready to help, and also setting up an offshore team for other companies, with proven processes that we can roll out quickly to get you started. We support you every step of the way, with transparent pricing, templates to gather essential information for your systems- whether it be bookkeeping, blogs, campaigns, etc. We have hundreds of one-pager guides across all aspects of business to keep you on track with what you need to do – under the latest requirements.
Why not start small, our outsourcing model works for single tasks and individual roles – we help you create the processes, your staff will work under your supervision with our support structures in Malaysia and Australia. We recommend every small business should have a DIY setup service. So call us now, and join the hundreds that are using outsourcing to stay in business and get ahead.