Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have full control of our staff?

Yes, once you hire your own staff member, you will be able to utilize them to fulfil your other industry-specific admin needs. What we provide is: 1) Training to your employees to ensure they are up to date with cloud technology for work 2) Regular performance reviews to ensure they are on-track with your needs 3) Regular team-building events that support team cohesiveness and staff workplace satisfaction 4) Office environment for your staff member to work in

How do I communicate with my staff?

You will be able to communicate with your staff via a cloud communication software of your choice. If you do not currently have one, we usually recommend Skype.

How long do agreements go for? Is there a minimum term?

There is no definite term our agreements go for, but our clients usually hire long-term to have their own staff member grow with their business for the long-term.

Do staff work on 'Malaysia' time or 'Australia' time?

Our staff generally work Malaysia time but if you would like your staff member to work 'Australia' time, this can be arranged. Just simply get in touch with us and we will be able to source an ideal employee for you that will be happy with this arrangement.

How do I know if my staff are working?

We use a cloud-based software to monitor and track your employee's attendance, clock-in and clock-out hours. With monthly reports, you can be sure that your employee is being as productive as can be!

Can I come and visit my staff member in Malaysia?

Yes, you will be able to attend our office to visit and work with your staff member. Just kindly let our team know and we can make necessary arrangements for you.

What sort of training is included?

We equip your staff with basic cloud technology training. For further industry-specific training related to your business, this will have to be arranged by you directly with your employee.

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