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Growing a business is hard. Outsourcing with us provides a viable platform for you to both reduce cost and gain access to extra resources.

Why Outsource to Malaysia?

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Reducing and controlling operating costs
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Streamlining or increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions
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Improving company focus
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Freeing internal resources for other purposes

Benefits Of Outsourcing to Malaysia

Staff Flexibility

Busy periods are great and you can always put on more staff BUT how about the quieter periods? Putting on staff incurs recruitment costs and  additional wage costs such as Tax and Superannuation. Outsourcing allows a flexibility in this case by providing financial flexibility during those quiet periods where you  need less staff WHILE allowing you to up-staff during the busier periods.

Improved Profitability

Staffing Flexibility comes with Financial Flexibility which will inevitably lead to increased profits due to the business' ability to scale up and down when they need to. This is all while maintaining high quality output which will lead to more work coming your way. Cutting cost while maintaining quality is what every business strives for and now you can do it too! Start outsourcing to see what benefits you can reap from it!

More Value-Added Work

By outsourcing you delegate your work and free up more time for bigger picture projects. You get to spend more time on value added solutions for clients rather than just keeping with compliance work. That is what is going to separate you from other businesses. Providing value to clients is going to be the main reason your business expands. Let us do the work so that YOU can focus on your core.

Client Reviews

Justin Wong, PAQ Group

Samurai Force has enabled me to scale my business by being able to hire good quality staff quickly, at an affordable rate. I have been able to halve my headcount costs, while not impacting productivity. This has led to a favourable outcome for us. Highly reccommended.

Martin O'Hehir, CCCS

Helpful advice, great and professional service! Would recommend to all those who think they need a bit of help with their systems and books, especially getting ready for financial year end!

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